Ensuring Safety During Sports And Games

Games and sports can be fun but they can also turn out to be dangerous. We have all seen gory photographs depicting instances when games and sports turned into nightmares for those involved. However, there are certain measures that you could take to ensure that you remain safe and minimise the probability of injury when accidents occur.

Regular check up

One way to minimise the risk of injury is to ensure that you are physically and mentally fit to take up different sports and games. This is especially important before major events. Although it is a requirement in major competitive sports, it may not be a necessity for some games. Parents and guardians should lobby for this to be a requirement before any major events either in the school or the community.

Proper gear

Every game has the recommended set of uniform. No one should be allowed to play if they are not in the recommended gear. This includes proper shoes. During sports that require protective gear such as knee caps and helmets, all players must have proper gear before they can be allowed to participate.

Proper preparations

While some sports may seem easy, they require a given level of fitness too. It is therefore important for everyone to attend practice sessions for different sports in order to prepare the body for the task ahead. In addition to this, the players should all participate in warm up activities just before the match begins.

Proper diet

Well, proper participation requires healthy people. As such, all players should ensure that they eat well at all times. This prevents instances of dizziness and fainting that may be caused by poor nutrition. It is also essential to ensure that the body is properly hydrated. In most sporting activities and games, the players produce a lot of sweat and this may lead to dehydration.  During the match, the players should have access to water to remain hydrated.


Children and teenagers may hurt each other if they are not supervised well during sporting activities and games. It is therefore essential for the school, community or the body that has organised the sports or games to ensure that there are enough referees, coaches and parents around to keep an eye on the children.

Given the importance of safety, it is essential that all the stakeholders take it upon themselves to ensure everyone is safe. Remember that safety goes beyond having the correct gear. It also calls for discipline among players in order to avoid intentional injuries that may be geared towards gaining an advantage over your opponents.